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Case of 6 - Black Currant & Vanilla with Activated Charcoal - Ocean Mineral Soap

A great deep cleansing complexion and body soap featuring activated charcoal and kaolin clay to help absorb dirt and debris from pores leaving your skin clean, soft and smooth. This special bar is scented with Black Currant Absolute and Vanilla Absolute anchored by Palmarosa Essential Oil. Infused with our ocean mineral concentrate which helps to cleanse and tone while replenishing depleted minerals. Overall this the perfect bar to naturally deep clean acne without depleting the skin's moisture because of the shea butter and castor oils. 

Size: 4oz

At Saltwest sustainability is paramount in all our production systems, in keeping with that tradition we are proud that our ocean mineral soaps are made using 2 of our by-products, “Salish Pure “ desalinated potable water and our magnesium rich ocean mineral concentrate, a by-product of the Flor de Sal flaked sea salt production.

Our small batch cold press soaps are hand poured and cut resulting in a slight variation in size, shape and colour. Each bar of soap is approximately 4oz


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